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The Royal Geographic Society is seeking to fill the position of Director
for the Shoals of Capricorn Programme - see details below.  Note that all
inquires via email should be sent to: shoals at and applications MUST
be made in writing and sent to Juliet Larcombe, Programme Manager of the
Shoals of Capricorn Programme (address below). 


        The Shoals of Capricorn Programme 1997/2000


     The Royal Geographical Society (with The Institute of British
     Geographers) and the Royal Society are to undertake a collaborative,
     multidisciplinary investigation of the submarine Mascarene Plateau,
     which runs between Mauritius and Seychelles in the western Indian
     Ocean, to be known as the Shoals of Capricorn Programme.  The
     programme will explore the key features and processes controlling the
     geology, oceanography, biology and archaeology of the region, and
     field phases will begin in March 1998.  A team of specialists and
     administrators is already in place, with firm links with the host
     nations, and the programme is now seeking to recruit a Director.

     The Director will be responsible for the planning, implementation and
     completion of the project, including the appointment of support
     staff, managing the raising and expenditure of the 1.1 million
     budget, liaison with the Governments of Mauritius and Seychelles, and
     overseeing the requirements of the scientific programme.  The
     Director should be a natural leader with good communication skills
     and a sense of humour, and should have the following experience:

     * Directing a large field programme, preferably with diving
     * Managing a large team of international scientists of all ages.
     * Working with Governments at all levels.
     * Fundraising for a multidisciplinary research project.
     * Public speaking and communicating ideas and plans.
     * Budget planning and financial responsibilities.

     The following qualities will be an advantage:

     * Knowledge of Indian Ocean area, Mauritius and Seychelles.
     * Current, active SCUBA diver with good working knowledge of boat
       handling and diving safety.
     * French speaker.
     * Knowledge of a marine science and field research techniques.

     The post is to commence in July based at the RGS-IBG in London until
     late 1997, and then in Mauritius and Seychelles during field phases.
     The Director will report directly to Mr Nigel Winser, the Deputy
     Director of the Royal Geographical Society (with the IBG), and will
     develop the overall Programme with the Chairman, Dr Nic Flemming, who
     is based at the Southampton Oceanography Centre.

     The post is for 2 years initially, with a further year subject
     availability of funds.  The salary scale will be between £18,000 and
     £23,000 depending on experience, with an additional London weighting
     paid whilst UK-based.

     First interviews will take place in June 1997 and the appointment
     made in early July 1997.  Please apply in writing, enclosing full CV
     and names and address of two referees, by 23 May 1997 to:

     Juliet Larcombe, Programme Manager,
     Shoals of Capricorn Programme
     Royal Geographical Society / IBG,
     1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR
     Direct tel:  +44 (0)171 591 3066
     Direct fax:  +44 (0)171 591 3031
     E.mail: shoals at

     The Programme aims to be an equal opportunities employer.

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