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Kaua`i to launch an international Reef Check

Hanalei Bay will be the first location in Hawaii in Hawaii for an
international Reef Check, beginning worldwide on June. 14.  Divers and
scientists at more than 100 locations around the globe will examine ocean
reef health this summer. The sponsoring organization for Kaua`i is Save Our
Seas and the Kaua`i Reef Check will be held in conjunction with its Clean
Oceans `97 Conference, June 13-15 at the Princeville Hotel.

The conference, featuring Bobby Kennedy, Jr., senior attorney for the
National Resources Defense Council, celebrates the International Year of
the Reef, declared by the United Nations, Gov. Ben Cayetano and other
leaders of countries and states.

On Saturday, June 14, professional and recreational divers, with a
knowledge of marine biology and at least one professional marine scientist
per team, will ensure scientific quality of Kaua`i Reef Check in the
nearshore waters of Hanalei Bay, fronting Princeville Hotel. Coordinators
are Dr. Alan Friedlander, a fisheries specialist, and Dr. Cindy Hunter, a
zoologist, both on staff with the University of Hawai`i.

The reef at Hanalei Bay was picked for its dynamic situation. "It is
popular for snorkeling. It is subject to the output of a nearby river. Its
nearby waters are popular for surfing and boating and it is next to a beach
used by a major hotel," said SOS executive director Carl Stepath.

Increasing public awareness of coral reefs, including their value in
producing oxygen for the planet, is a major goal of International Year of
the Reef, Reef Check, and Save Our Seas. Between June 14 and Aug. 31,
one-day rapid surveys of reef sites throughout the world will employ
tried-and-true techniques, such as counting selected species of fish, coral
and sea urchins, and measuring the amount of coral coverage --dead and

Save Our Seas will report Kaua`i Reef Check data to the international Reef
Check organization, based in Hong Kong. During the first week of September,
Reef Check will report on the basic health of a minimum of 100 reef sites
around the world to the media and on its own web site

 "This is the first time such a comprehensive, worldwide assessment of the
health of planet's reefs has been attempted," says Save Our Seas president
Teresa Tico. For more information on Reef Check, volunteering and
participating in the Clean Oceans `97 Conference, call 1-800-767-4101.

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