Graduate assistantshi available

Flo Thomas fthomas at
Fri May 16 13:42:18 EDT 1997

       Graduate research assistantship available (Ph.D).  Dr. Florence
Thomas of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab has a 5 year assistantship available
for a Ph.D. level student to work on a funded project in community scale
biomechanics.  The assitantship includes a stipend and tuition to the
University of South Alabama's program in Marine Science.  The research is
interdisciplinary in nature and uses a comparative approach to explore how
organism morphology affects chemical and particle transport at the scale of
the community.  The research will include both field and laboratory
components.  Initial experiments will focus on coral reefs, seagrass
communties, gorgonians, and submerged aquatic vegitation.  The position is
appropriate for students interested in biomechanics, functional morphology,
marine ecology, and the role of physical processes in coastal environments.
If you are interested please contact Dr. Florence Thomas as soon as
possible, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, P.O. Box 369-370, Dauphin Island, Al
36529: (334) 861-7455; FAX (334) 861-7540; Email, fthomas at 
Florence I.M. Thomas
Senior Marine Scientist/Assistant Professor
Dauphin Island Sea Lab
P.O. Box 369-370
Dauphin Island, Al 36528


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