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Fri May 16 18:48:19 EDT 1997

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  Marine Conservation Biology Institute is seeking a Postdoctoral
Fellow starting Fall 1997 or shortly thereafter.  This will be a one-
year position with possible renewal and will be based at MCBI's
Headquarters in Redmond WA USA.  Salary: high 20s-low 30s.

  MCBI is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to
advancing the science of marine conservation biology.  The person
who is chosen will work closely with MCBI's staff--President Elliott
Norse (Headquarters), Program Director Amy Mathews-Amos (DC
Office) and Program Assistant Aaron Tinker (Headquarters)--to:

1) develop emerging issues in marine conservation biology.  This
involves using library research, networking with colleagues, and
organizing and running scientific workshops.  The goal is to find
scientific information relevant to under-appreciated threats to marine
biodiversity or ways to protect, restore or sustainably use it, then to
synthesize this information into a coherent "issue" for decision
makers and the public to catalyze action;

2) help build a compelling case for establishing a federal funding
mechanism for marine conservation biology research in the USA;

3) publish on marine conservation biology issues in the peer-
reviewed scientific literature and in popular media;

4) serve as a spokesperson on one or more issues relevant to
MCBI's mission at scientific meetings, to the news media, to
government agencies or to Congress, as needed; and

5) help MCBI raise funds by writing proposals to continue this

  The successful candidate will be a very broadly trained Ph.D. or
equivalent in a marine biological field such as marine ecology,
biological oceanography, invertebrate zoology, seabird biology,
fisheries biology, biogeography, population genetics or
epidemiology.  Individuals with demonstrable expertise in a broad
range of disciplines, regions, taxa, tools and issues will be favored.
This position requires not only strong knowledge of the marine
realm and interest in conservation, but also a multidisciplinary
approach, outstanding writing skills, excellent people skills and
exceptional ability to work towards a shared goal as part of a close-
knit team.  We especially encourage inquiries by people in groups
that have been under-represented in the sciences.

  To apply, please send a 2-page resume (NOT an exhaustive CV)
and a cover letter of no more than two pages that includes names
and complete contact information for 3-5 referees, or its equivalent
as an e-mail message (not an encoded attachment) or fax.  For those
who will be attending the first Symposium on Marine Conservation
Biology at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation
Biology at the University of Victoria, Victoria BC, you are welcome
to bring these materials and talk with MCBI staff.  The Symposium
runs from the evening of June 6 to the evening of June 9, 1997, but
Elliott, Amy and Aaron plan to be at UVic starting on June 5, and
will be happy to meet with candidates before the Symposium starts
or, thereafter, as time allows.  For information about the
Symposium and to register for the SCB Annual Meeting, please
visit: on
the World Wide Web.  For information about MCBI, please visit:

Amy Mathews-Amos                        MCBI is organizing   
Program Director                        the first Symposium           
Marine Conservation Biology Institute   on Marine Conservation  
205 N. Edgewood St.                     Biology at the
Arlington, VA 22201                     Annual Meeting of 
ph.  (703) 276-1434                     the Society for 
fax  (703) 276-1528                     Conservation Biology,
email: amymcbi at                June 6-9, 1997 at the
                                        University of Victoria,
                                        Victoria, British
                                        Columbia, Canada.

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