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	DURATION: Approx. Sept. 1997 - Dec. 1998, POSSIBLE RENEWAL.
	SALARY: $30,000-35,000 (Cdn.)/ yr.
	RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervise research activities, organize
	seminars and short-courses, limited teaching and administrative duties.
	QUALIFICATIONS: Ph.D. in environmental sciences.

        For the past eight years, McMaster University has been involved in
a joint partnership project with Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP), in
Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. The project is designed to train
Indonesians in environmental sciences, to assess environmental quality in
Central Java, and to evaluate any effects on the health of human
populations. The first phase of the project was funded by CIDA, under the
IPCD program, and is now under the overall management of the Partneship
Branch of AUCC, as a CIDA Tier Two project. The annual budget is on the
order of $150,000.

        To date, the project has been extremely productive. Eight
Indonesians have received MSc degrees from McMaster, and four are now
enrolled in PhD programs elsewhere. Several dozen senior thesis projects
have been supported, and over 100 local research projects. So far, over
two dozen papers have appeared in the primary refereed scientific
literature, and innumerable reports written. Several joint seminars and
short courses have been given. In the early phases, concentration was on
gathering of primary data. We have now moved into the second phase, the
integration of those data with questions of marine food web effects, human
food supply, and human health concerns. Among the research areas of our
students are: assessment of sewage input into shallow coastal bays on the
north coast of Java; infant mortality rates in coastal communities as a
function of marine contamination; the use of bioactive marine compounds as
replacments for pesticides and antibiotics, and several more. 

UNDIP is a large university, with a mandate for marine science, and a
large teaching hospital. UNDIP has the only marine laboratory on Java,
located in Jepara, approx. 50 km to the east. The project is managed by
counterpart Project Management Units at UNDIP and McMaster, and we enjoy
close relations with the UNDIP Environmental Studies Centre.

An essential role is played by the Resident Advisor; in fact, the success
of the project so far can be in large part attributed to the dedicated and
talented RA's that have served there in the past. We seek a new RA, for
the period (approximately) Oct. 1/97 to Dec. 31, 1998. There is a
possibility that the posting could be extended an additional year.

The candidate should have completed the PhD, in one of the environmental
sciences. Preference will be given to those who show an aptitude for
connecting scientific results with human impacts, especially human health
effects, who can supervise research, conduct scientific diving operations,
and who have some experience in working in developing countries. The
posting might be suitable for an academic on sabbatical leave.

The salary is in the range of $30,000-35,000. The project already has  
rented a house in Semarang, and has a car and driver. Most living expenses
are covered by the RA's household allowance. Responsibilities will include
administering local research grants, supervising local research,
interfacing with the UNDIP PMU, and conducting and publishing research
results. Preference will be given to candidates who show an aptitude for
producing results.

Applications should include a complete CV and a list of three references,
and should be submitted to:
        Dr. M.J. Risk
        Department of Geology
        McMaster Univ.
        Hamilton, Ont.
fax     905-522-3141
ph      905-525-9140, ext. 24183

NOTE: there is no formal closing date for this competition. We will hire
as soon as we receive an application from an ideal candidate. We are equal
opportunity employers: results-oriented candidates of all ages, sexes and
nationalities are invited to apply.

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