International Training Workshop on Business & Environment

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Fri May 30 11:58:42 EDT 1997

"Good Corporate Citizenship: Realizing Environmental and Competitive Advantage"
July 28–August 2, 1997

Intended for environmental law practitioners, business executives, and
professionals from the governmental and public sectors, the Workshop is
designed to provide a functional analysis of US and international
environmental law, policy and practice in relation to environmental and
legal issues of international commerce, business transactions and
developmental projects. The curriculum highlights new and innovative
developments within US and foreign public, private and non-profit sectors,
with specific attention on the application of these areas to non-US
participation. The Workshop sessions are designed to provide participants
with practical knowledge and experience that can easily be applied on the
job. Teaching methods include "hands-on" training exercises, case studies,
and lectures. The program also includes two days of site visits and
off-campus technical instruction at key institutions active in the business
and environment areas.  Language: English.

Contact: Office of Advanced Legal Studies, American University, Washington
College of Law, 4801 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.  20016-8181,
USA;  tel: (202) 274-4075, fax: (202) 274-4130, e-mail:
ECKSTEIN at;  Internet Homepage –    or

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