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Osha Gray Davidson osha at
Sun Nov 2 11:05:55 EST 1997

Request for photographs:

For a trade book on coral reefs and associated ecosystem (to be published by
John Wiley & Sons, April 1998) I'm looking for high-quality color
photographs. Unfortunately, I can't offer much for each picture used ($10
US). But if it's any help, photo credits will, of course, appear with each
picture. (Donated pictures are gratefully accepted!) 

I still need photos of the following:

* General underwater photo of a coral reef showing the large diversity of
* Hard coral (preferably an acroporid) with polyps prominently displayed.
* The "act" of blast fishing itself (as opposed to the results).
* Corals spawning, with gametes prominently shown.
* Bleached corals.
* Series showing sex/color change of female-to-male wrasse (initial to
terminal   phases).
* Clown fish within anemone.
* Batesian mimicry--comet fish (Calloplesiops altivelis) and model moray eel
(Gymnothorax meleagris).
* Magnified coral tentacles showing zoox.
* Crinoids.
* Sea fans.
* Diadema antillarum.
* Blue bell tunicates or similar species (i.e., colorful).
* Butterfly fish with prominent false eye-spot.
* Overhead shot of sediment plume from river.
* Green sea turtle "hatchling frenzy".

Please let me know what you have before sending slides or negatives. All
photos will be returned.

Thanks, in advance, for any help.


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