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Fri Nov 14 02:03:37 EST 1997

Caricomp - Invemar Colombia <caricomp at>
forwarded the following burble from the MANGROVE list to the

>> "WARNING!!! If you receive an e-mail titled "JOIN THE CREW" 
>> DO NOT open it!  It will erase EVERYTHING on your hard 
>> drive!  Send this letterout to as many people you 
>> can....this is a new virus and not many people  know about 
>> it!  This message was received this morning from IBM,  and 
>> the Army National Guard, please share it with anyone that 
>> might access the Internet."

I have posted this before, and I post it (yet) again - now listen up: 
messages of this type warning you of virus emails ARE A HOAX.

I have found that the best way to deal with mail warning me of a deadly
computer virus is to fire up my Web browser and head on over to the
Computer Virus Myths page at Rob Rosenberger's Web site. It always
has the latest information to debunk all of these urban legends.


Or head on over to the CIASC Internet Hoaxes site:


I write up a reply to the sender and everyone who the message was
sent to, including the information from the site as well as the address.
That way, I shouldn't have to worry about getting that same message
again from  mutual friends who are looking out for me.


Note (see how these things spread?):

CC'd to:  rverann at  (who started all this by sending it to....

dstead at  (who sent it to......

J.Rubin at  (who sent it to....

chrisgordon at  (who sent it to.....

"Mangrove Research Discussion List"  (from where it landed in the inbox

ecopozos at  (and....
caricomp at  (who sent it to the CORAL-LIST....

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