BALLESTEROS - 19xx - Botanica Marina*..?????

Jan Korrubel korrubelj at
Tue Nov 18 08:22:56 EST 1997

Fellow CORAL-LIST'ers,

I have yet another of these incomplete references. Can anybody supply
the full (and CORRECT) reference for the following paper:

BALLESTEROS, E.  19xx.  A record of blue-*green algae found on coral
reefs in Mauritius.  Botanica Marina*..

The date I have for the paper is 1995, but we have _Botanica Marina_
here, and it's not in the 1995 editions......I have checked the author index
tables back to 1985 for _BM_ and this paper doesn't appear.  So maybe
the journal is also incorrect.

I'd be grateful if anybody can help out.


Jan Korrubel.

University of Natal
South Africa.

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