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Leonie Haimson leonie at
Thu Nov 20 15:46:50 EST 1997

Just a few short weeks remain before Kyoto.  My  update on the climate
negotiations so far has just been posted on the Liberty Tree website. 
Please check it out if you have any interest in the different positions
taken by the world's governments,  the reasons for some of these
differences, and all the latest on the science and politics of global
warming at:

Also check out the Liberty Tree home page if you'd like to learn more
about a whole variety of other environmental issues, including an
informative and often very amusing daily column by Conn Nugent on
ecosubjects near and far:

Please forward this note to any interested friends and to any relevant
news groups, and let me know if there are any developments I should
mention in next month's column.  Thanks, 

Leonie Haimson
Climate reporter
Liberty Tree Website
leonie at

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