Epizootic Seminar at WHOI

James M. Cervino cnidaria at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 4 21:37:08 EDT 1997

Dear Coral Listers,

Just a note to remind people who are interested in epizootics in corals
that a complete lecture, video, and slide show of all the coral diseases in
the tropics, including the latest discovery, will be held at WHOI Quisset
Campus at 1:30 pm on Monday Oct. 6th.

The emphasis will be on Rapid Wasting Disease and Yellow Band (Blotch). An
overview of all the earlier coral diseases and the scientists who are
working on them, will be presented.  A special showing of slides of the NEW
Porites Ring Disease from the Pacific, discovered by Laurie Ramundo of
Cornell University will be presented.

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