thank you notes

Erik Meesters erikm at
Thu Oct 16 11:48:54 EDT 1997

I propose a 'new' rule of conduct:

If you put a question on the list and you receive less than a hundred 
replies, please send your thank-you-note to these people and not to 
the whole world (there must be more than a 1000 people on this list).

Anotherone: Try to make the subject as clear as possible, so we don't 
have to open,close, and delete every single message.

I wonder who ever thought that computers were going to save time

Best wishes to yual,

Dr. Erik Meesters
Dept of Marine Ecology
Netherlands Institute of Sea Research (Nioz)
P.O. Box 59
1790 AB Den Burg-The Netherlands
ph. (0)31-(0)222-369530/572
fax (0)31-(0)222-319674

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