Pictures of RWD

James M. Cervino cnidaria at
Tue Oct 21 23:03:31 EDT 1997

Dear Coral Listers,

Here is a close up (60mm macro) shot of Rapid Wasting Disease. Look at
corallites, costae, septa, basically the direction in the growth formation
is not disrupted, just eroded down to the paliform lobes. If this were
bitten by Parrot fish, one would see teeth marks, along with the growth
direction formation disturbed. Rather there are no teeth marks, just the
fast dissolution of coral tissue.

Look at some of polyps that are just begining to erode, these lesions are
different than any of the other diseases. The spread in a 24 hr. time
period can be as fast at 7inches.

These pictures are protected by copyright, if you would like to use these
pictures for publiction you must obtain permission from the photographer.

To view these pictures highlight (one at a time) the addresses below, go to
edit on the menu bar and select COPY, and paste this directly onto
Netscapes location site, and hit return to view picture. You can only view
one picture at a time.

Any questions please e-mail me. I will be in the field during Thanksgiving
for sample collection. More pictures will be up soon.

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