good news on Capitol Hill for coral reefs

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Wed Oct 22 11:12:57 EDT 1997

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The U.S.  House and Senate have come to agreement on House Concurrent 
Resolution 8, the "Coral Reef Protection Resolution of 1997," 
introduced by Congressman James Saxton (R-NJ).

The Resolution expresses the sense of Congress to support and uphold
activities and initiatives aimed at enhancing the health and
stability of coral reef ecosystems.  The Resolution in itself does
not legislate substantive coral reef protection or restoration
measures. However, it is a hopeful first step toward securing real
protections for coral reefs in the near future.  The full text of
H.C.R. 8 can be found at 

Other coral reef protection legislation currently pending on Capitol 
Hill is H.R. 2233 (also introduced by Rep. Saxton) which establishes 
a coral reef conservation fund, and H.Res. 8, a resolution introduced 
by Rep. George Miller (D-CA) to promote international efforts to 
stamp out destructive fishing practices in coral reef areas. 

Both of these bills are currently awaiting passage by the House of 
Representatives before moving onto the Senate.  Please contact your 
Congressperson to let him/her know that it's important that Congress 
take action on these bills before the end of this year, the 
International Year of the Reef.  Call the U.S. Capitol Swithboard to 
find out the number for your Rep. at 202-224-3121.

For further information about these bills please feel free to contact 
me at aoctd at


Tanya Dobrzynski
American Oceans Campaign
Washington, DC 20002

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