reef protection measures

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Thu Oct 23 05:53:38 EDT 1997

I am currently compiling information on measures which can be 
taken to protect coral reefs from harm - specifically from 
sedimentation and nutrient enrichment - for inclusion in a 
"guidelines" handbook. This handbook, which will include practical 
conservation measures, will be available at cost 
to any interested parties

I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who can help me with 
the following:

1. Information/studies on  measures which can be taken to prevent 
increase sedimentation rates as a result of land clearance, erosion 
poor construction practices etc at construction sites within the 
coastal zone

2.Information/studies on the type, cost etc of  small (package) 
sewage treatment plants which can be installed at hotels  (up to 200 
rooms) in the coastal zone with an indication of their effectiveness 
and the most environmentally sound way of dealing with the effluent

3. Information on any organisations/web sites or similar which 
might be able to supply me with such information 

Many thanks

Kalli De Meyer
Manager. Bonaire Marine Park
tel/fax: 599-7-8444
email: marinepark at

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