YBD pictures by FTP - apologies....

Jan Korrubel korrubelj at math.unp.ac.za
Mon Sep 1 13:45:36 EDT 1997

Dear Coral-Listers,

After posting a mail to this list about the availability of pictures and
documnet on Yellow Band Disease (YBD), I am sorry to report a few
The log file of my machine tells me that all transactions were going fine 
till about 20:30 (GMT) on Friday night when my machine unexpectedly
packed it in (yes, so early in the proceedings - where IS that Murphy
fellow???).  Due to the setup of my machine, it didn't automatically reboot
so all access to my site was lost for the remainder of the weekend.  By
way of explanantion,  I was (am) in the process of setting up my
website last week so I fear that configuring this had a hand in the crash.

For those of you that sent me emails saying that you couldn't get into my
machine, please try again - I  have now stopped the WWW part and
hope that stable FTP access to my machine will be regained.  In addition, I
have modified the setup so that should my machine crash again (keeping
those fingers crossed), it should automatically reboot and access will be
restored about 10 min later.  But let me know if you still don't have any

Also:  Dr Hendee has kindly offered to place the document and pictures
on the CHAMP website so we can expect an announcement in due

My thanks for your interest and patience.

Jan Korrubel
University of Natal
South Africa.

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