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Dear Coral-Listers!

I'd like to thank everyone who reponded to my earlier questions on 
carbonate budgets.  I am currently compiling a list of established 
carbonate budgets world-wide, and have most of the classic papers by 
Stearn, Scoffin, Hubbard.  However, after extensive search I haven't 
come up with much else, particularly recently (due to the difficulty 
of the exercise?).

If you have done any such studies (published, unpublished) I would 
appreciate if you could send the follwong information to me 
personally (<gussman_o at>)(of particular interest would be 
any information on eroding reefs):


Study Site: Nothern Red Sea
Position: 29deg27'N
Environment: shallow-water coral reefs (depth?)
Stratigraphy: Holocene
Organisms: constructors: corals
		   eroders:		scarids, echinoids
Depositional setting: reef-crest, fore-reef
Construction: coralgal framework 1.57kg/m2yr
Destruction: Macro-bioerosion: 1.3kg/m2yr
		    export: 0.4-0.6 kg/m2/yr
status: net production preserved o.8 kg/m2yr - accreting
Reference/Citation information:  Dullo et al (1996).....

Obviously a carbonate budget is only as complete as the number of 
parameters measured (and the reliability of such measurements), and 
never can they be all measured systematically over one reef.  
However, it may be time to not only look at the health of the 
'ecologic reef' (e.g., IYOR), but that of the 'geologic reef' as 

Thanks in advance to all.

Best Wishes, Oliver
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