Info required: Coral pathology - in general and WIO.....

Jan Korrubel korrubelj at
Fri Sep 12 11:49:09 EDT 1997

Greetings Coral Listers:

I am looking for information on coral pathology - more specifically,
published references on stress in corals and likely causes of stress, and
also stress indicators.

I seem to have hit a dearth of papers pertaining to coral mortality for the
Western Indian Ocean - if anybody has any papers referencing coral
pathology / mortality for the WIO, I'd like to get 'em (mail them to the
address below), or if anybody knows of references, email the
references to me.  Please.

I'll be collating the responses (of course) and anybody who is intersted
in the subsequent compilation, feel free to email me.


Jan L. Korrubel

Dept. of Applied Mathematics
University of Natal
Private Bag X01
3209  Scottsville
South Africa.

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