Requesting Diploria Growth Rates

Tue Sep 23 11:19:53 EDT 1997

Sorry for your time to read this request.

I performing some studies to evaluate the population structure of the 
scleractinian coral Diploria spp. in the Veracruz Reef System (off the 
Port of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico). As long as I know there are two 
articles that recorded growth rates for Diploria spp. (Logan and 
Tomascik, 1991. Extension growth rates in two coral species from 
high-latitude reefs of Bermuda. Coral Reefs 10:155-160. And Shen, Boyle 
and Lea, 1987. Cadmium in corals as atracer of upwelling and industrial 
fallout. Nature 328:794-796.). 

The questions are: Do You know some other information about Diploria 
growth rates or population studies?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Please answer directly to me.

Guillermo Horta-Puga

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