Effects of Tourism on the Great Barrier Reef

Paul Marshall paul.marshall at jcu.edu.au
Thu Sep 25 21:21:00 EDT 1997

Information on Effects of Tourism on the Great Barrier Reef........

A large amount of research on issues relating to tourism on the Great
Barrier Reef is being conducted at the various institutes based in
Townsville, Australia (there is also work being done at other Australian
Universities). These institutes include James Cook University,
Australian Institute of Marine Science, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Authority, and the Cooperative Research Centre for Ecological
Sustainable Development of the Great Barrier Reef (CRC Reef).

To find out about research areas of interest, visit the Web sites of
these various organisations. WWW links for all these organisations can
be found on the Web site of the Australian Coral Reef Society (go to
Coral Reef Links)  at:


A particularly relevant site is that of the CRC Reef, which can be found


For information relating specifically to efforts in eco-tourism and
environmental interpretation, see the following report:



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