Coral Reef Protection Legislation Graduate Project

Christopher Hale chale at
Wed Aug 5 16:30:15 EDT 1998

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am current enrolled in a joint Juris Doctor/Master of Environmental 
Management degree program at Duke Univeristy.

For my Masters Project, I am consulting with the Bermudian government and 
the Bermuda Biological Station for Research in the hopes of putting 
together a comprehensive coral reef protection legislative package.  

Currently, it is legal to anchor on coral reefs in Bermuda.  A general 
prohibition on reef anchoring will be proposed as well as a system of 

Additionally, there exists no provision in Bermudian law to allow for the 
public recovery of damage to coral reefs resulting from ship groundings.  

I know that you have had extensive experience with coral reefs. I hope that you may 
be able answer the following questions or at least put me in contact with 
individuals who could do so.

1.  Does your jurisdiction have a system of moorings for divers? How is 
it codified? How much does it cost to operate?  Please outline some of the 
technology used.

2.  In your opinion how much is a square meter of coral reef worth?  

3.  Can restoration work? What are the various technological methods? How 
much do they cost? Which work best? worst?

4.  Does your jurisdiction have a system for the recovery of damage to 
reefs. Can you think of any other persons/resources that would be helpful in 
determining the value of a coral reef for a government natural damage 
resource recovery purposes?

5.  Can you cite any references that deal with both primary and/or secondary 
damage to coral reefs that stem from anchor damage or ship groundings? 

Forgive my ignorance if I have left out any obvious, yet important questions.

I will only be here in Bermuda for one more week.  Your timely 
response to any or all of the questions is greatly appreciated.  

I can be reached by phone at 441-297-1880 ext.625, by fax 441-297-8143, 
and by electronic mail <<ch2777 at>> or 
<<chale at>>.  Thank you for your help.

Please feel free to forward this message to any potentially interested party.

Yours truly,
Christopher Hale

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