Coral spawning in Florida Keys

Alina Szmant aszmant at
Thu Aug 6 15:26:11 EDT 1998

Since I've had a flurry of inquiries these past 2 weeks, thought I'd post
this best guess for coral spawning in Florida for this year:

Acropora palmata:  Aug 9 (low probability), 10 & 11 (last 2 high
probabilities), beginning ca. 10 pm to ca. 11 pm

Montastraea annularis morpho group:  Aug 13 (low prob.), 14 and 15 (highest
prob.)  from ca 9:30-11 pm (M. franksi) and from 10:30 pm to midnight (M.
faveolata and annularis).

They could wait for the Sept cycle or we may have a split spawn this year,
but based on the last 5 years, this is my best guess.

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