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Coremap BAPPEDA Tk.I Riau crmpriau at
Mon Aug 10 06:47:30 EDT 1998

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Dear Coral-listers

When I was helping Michael Risk team (McMaster University..... haze
impact....) to take sampled porites lobata in Senayang-Lingga Island, I had
take a picture of bleaching event there.

I didn't observed a temperatur of water surface, just taked a picture.
I hope Oceanography LIPI- Indonesia will reporting the scientific
measurement . I know its importent for all us hwo care about global

in Fisheries & Marine Science of Riau University (where I have been studing)
the graduete student need some information about this phenomenon. a lot of
us not yet using E-mail and Internet. So they push me to publish the
coral-lister debating/notice/experience of bleaching event.

so, with coral lister pleasure,  I will compose the
debating/notice/experience of bleaching event and to translating in
Indonesian speach.

I will publish this book at mid september 1998.

If you taked a picture when you abserved the bleaching, I offer to barter
with mine.

I will compose your picture into the my book

so if you don't mind that your photo to complete my writen, I hope you fill
this form (for a titlle of figure photo):

genus :...
photographer :...
coordinate :....
temperature/turbidity :....
date/time : ....
nearest Island :...
short discription of your experience/observered :...

notice : I will compose not for scientific book or observasion report. But
with this book I will motivating an environmentalists/NGOs/students to using
internet/ E-mail for alternative information management.

both of this photo I taked in Kentar Island, Kepulauan Riau district, Riau
Province- Indonesia.
(approximatly: 00degree 01minute North//104degree 45 minute East)

                    (((((contact me if you will using this photo)))))

coral rehabilitation and information
management Team


Fadil Nandila
crmpriau at
Jalan. Cut Nyak Dhien, Pekanbaru
Riau - Indonesia.

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