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Thu Aug 13 19:45:48 EDT 1998

X’cacel petition
As you might have heard X'cacel, a critical sea turtle nesting beach, in
Quintana Roo, Mexico, has recently been sold for a tourist development.
importance has been well documented by scientists. Biologists say X'cacel, a
strip of land 1.25 miles long in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, is the
most important sea turtle nesting grounds in Mexico and the Caribbean for
the green and loggerheads.
  For years eco-tourism activities, viewing the nesting turtles, lectures,
etc., were carried out at X'cacel. To be added to the petition below just
send a message to marylouisew at with "OK X’cacel" in the subject line
and your name, city, state in the text. Please post and/or forward as
Mary Louise Whitlow

  This petition will be sent to the governor of Quintana Roo, the President
Mexico, the secretary of tourism and the heads of SEMARNAP (Mexico's EPA)
and the National Institute of Ecology.

  We, the undersigned, request that the Mexican government stop the planned
development of X'cacel, Quintana Roo, Mexico; that all 311 hectares are set
aside as a permanent reserve without any construction allowed. If not we
will seriously consider spending our next vacation some place that protects
endangered species. Please incorporate X’cacel into the National System of
Protected Areas (SINAP) and preserve it as a permanent preserve!

Mary Louise Whitlow
marylouisew at

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