Coral reef definition

John Ware jware at
Fri Aug 14 13:26:47 EDT 1998

Dear Listers,

	First, thanks to the many who have sent what they believe is a useful
definition of a 'coral reef'.  A few definitions are still coming in,
but quite slowly.  I have not given up on this project (which a few
believe to be an empty exercise.)  Now that the furor over 'reefs at
risk' has died out and my new job is settling in, I am requesting those
who did not submit previously (or would like to change their minds), to
write to me and tell me what they think is a definition of the term
'coral reef' or 'tropical coral reef'.

	Perhaps this is just a semantic game, but some games may have useful
results.  I believe the definition game is such a game.  For example, if
you think that defining 'coral reef' is too easy, try defining something
else first, like 'pencil', 'automobile', or 'rug'.  

	I don't want to here about those, but I would like to what a workable
definition of a 'coral reef' is.  By workable, I mean something that
could be put in a law and used to define reef areas for preservation.

	Please respond directly to me.

	Thanks, John
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