coral spawning in Florida

Alina Szmant aszmant at
Wed Aug 19 14:25:42 EDT 1998

A. palmata spawned on Horseshoe Reef of the Florida Keys, at ca. 10:18 to
10:45 pm
local time.  It  was a good spawn with ca. 50 % of the colonies spawning.
No spawning was observed during the previous two nights at this site.

Montastraea annularis & faveolata spawned the nights of Aug. 13-15 from ca.
11 pm on (heavier after 11:30 pm), and a few M. franksi were observed to
spawn from 9:30-10:30 pm.  A female M. cavernosa released eggs at 9:20 pm on

Other observations of coral spawning will be appreciated.

Alina Szmant
RSMAS, Univ of Miami

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