coral bleaching

A. Rex F. Montebon arfmontebon at
Mon Aug 24 10:10:49 EDT 1998

Bleaching report from the Philippines.

Massive bleaching started mid-July and still ongoing.  Affected parts 
are mostly the western regions from Bolinao (northwest) to Puerto 
Galera (central Phils) and the Palawan area.  No reports came in from 
the eastern sector yet where it is expected from the hotspot data.

Temperatures of 33-34 degrees Celsius are common and lasted for 

Bleaching goes as deep as 15 meters and primarily affected fragile 
forms of corals (plating, branching and foliose) although massive 
Faviids also suffered bleaching.  Massive Porites spp. appear to be 
resistant.  Black band disease has been observed on a few bleached 
colonies.  Bleaching mortalities appear to be common among
Acroporids while other genera appear to be alright despite the 
loss of zoox.  Percentage bleaching depends on community structure -- 
more than 75% bleaching when dominated by fragile forms.  Overall, 
mortality appears to be low.  (Field observations from Bolinao reefs. 
Survey data still being processed).

A. Rex F. Montebon
Marine Science Institute
University of the Philippines
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