Eritrean expedition report now on Internet

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Tue Dec 1 11:46:02 EST 1998

Greetings Coral-listers,

The Reefs of Massawa Expediiton '97 was an international Year of the
Reef Expedition from Newcastle University to Eritrea which studied the
coral reefs and potential human impacts around the port of Massawa.

Research included:

* Baseline studies of coral reef communities.
* Investigations into the aquarium fish trade and its potential impacts.
* Simple nutrient analysis to investigate possible Eutrophication.

The entire report is now (at last) available at the site:

Apologies for the delay to anyone who was waiting for the publication
of the information.

If anyone has any comments, feedback or comparisons with the data we'd
be very grateful to hear from you.

With best wishes,


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Reefs of Massawa Expedition 1997
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