NCRI Conference Special Session

Richard B. Aronson raronson at
Sat Dec 5 17:01:10 EST 1998

Hi Coral Listers,

The session described below on detectability will run at the NCRI conference 
if we have sufficient interest.  There will be some invited talks, but if 
you want to give a paper on this topic at the conference you can request 
the session when you submit your abstract.  We will have a panel 
discussion to accompany the papers.

The Limits of Detectability: Short-Term Events and Short-Distance Variance 
in The Community Structure of Coral Reefs
Organizer: Richard B. Aronson, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Alabama

This session will examine the limits of detectability of short-term 
events such as bleaching episodes and algal blooms, which may 
have important long-term consequences. The spatial analogue of short-term 
events will also be examined: at what spatial scales can we detect 
significant variation in the assemblage structure of coral reefs?
Possible topics include reef-to-reef variation; outbreaks of disease; 
changes in fish abundance and their ecological significance; effects of 
Hurricane Mitch in the Florida Keys; and recent blooms of filamentous 
algae in the Keys.  The session will fall under the themes of monitoring 
and assessment.

Best regards,

Rich Aronson

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