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Osha Gray Davidson osha at
Tue Dec 8 09:02:43 EST 1998

Apologies for cross-listings--

I'm looking for information about water quality issues regarding Florida's
Indian River system, with particular interest in:

1) nutrient and/or other chemical inputs
2) aquatic diseases (turtles/fish/other)
3) algae blooms

Can anyone suggest people who have done work in this area? They don't have
to be scientists--environmentalists, journalists, fishermen/women and
others who may have information would be perfect. If YOU fit this
description, please contact me directly by E-mail. If you know of someone,
please pass this request along.

I will be visiting the area 27 December--2 Jan, and would like to meet with
any and all who work on these issues at that time. (Sorry; not the best
possible timing I realize.)


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