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Erich Mueller emueller at mote.org
Tue Dec 8 13:38:53 EST 1998

To all concerned:

Comments regarding the Tortugas Ecological Reserve are due to
the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary by December 17. Of
particular interest from the scientific community are comments
concerning specific habitats and areas to include or exclude,
functional oceanography,  reserve criteria (both general and as they may
apply to the Dry Tortugas area and permitting issues. However, comments
regarding any aspect of the Tortugas 2000 project are welcomed. These
comments are part of the offical scoping process and will be part of the
public record. Comments should be submitted to Ben Haskell by Dec., 17:

<bhaskell at ocean.nos.noaa.gov>. 

There is also a Web site that provides more information and ongoing


Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council

As the Research/Monitoring representative on the Sanctuary Advisory
Council, I continue to invite the scientific community to voice their
comments and concerns regarding the Sanctuary i general, and scientific
issues in particular. The next meeting of the SAC is on 15 December.
Please send comments to me via mail, FAX or email at the contact points

Thanks, Erich Mueller


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