Monitoring Programm for urban treated sewage output in coral reef lagoon of high island with large barrier reef system

Bernard A. THOMASSIN thomassi at
Thu Dec 10 12:03:05 EST 1998

Dear Colleagues,

I have to define the monitoring programm ("Suivi Ecologique", in french) for the future first urban treated sewage output in an innest area of the very large coral reef lagoon of Mayotte Island, North Mozambique Channel, SW Indian Ocean (it is a high volcanic island, that looks like near an "almost atool", with a 1,500 square km lagoon and a ribbon barrier reef of near 167 km long for just 375 square km of land). This output is planed to flow in the "coastal (neritic) waters" of this coral reef lagoon, at 8/10 m deep (20,000 equivalent habitant per day). But we have to protected one of the Marine park of the barrier reef, at 6-8 km seawards.
No french legislation seems to exist for this case in the overseas territories (New Caledonia, French polynesia) .
 I try to adapte the French Mediterranean Sea Monitoring Programm, according coastal geomorphology and suspended material rate of outflow per day (Mediterranean Sea being oligotrophic, as some of our coral reef lagoons). But this is not satisfying for me.

So, I need informations about  Monitoring Programms employed for a such urban treated output in large coral reef lagoon, as for example : Great barrier Reef (Australia), near Townsville or Cairns ; Fidji for Suva,  in the Indopacific, or Florida and Bahamas in the Caraibbean. Examples as high island with just fringing reefs and ocean outputs are not comparable (as Oahu- Pear Harbour sewage ; Mauritius -Port Louis sewage ; etc.).
I have check the ASFA bibliography but this kind of litterature is more often as technical reports of Water Agencies. So I need to know their titles and authors, and where I can get copies of them.

Looking foreward hearing from those that have this kind of experience ; many thanks.

Bernard A. Thomassin

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