Infos needed please and sorry for the mistypo

Bayu Ludvianto bayu at
Wed Dec 16 04:45:17 EST 1998


Dear Coral-Listers,
 A few days ago I posted an S.O.S (infos needed message) on a particular beast that is starting to cover our fringing reef here in Bengkulu. There was, however, a mistypo in one of the sentence.
It's written as......" It looks like soft coral (I am now expert in coral by the way, I work on foraminifera)" The word now should be written as NO. Sorry for the the wrong impression that you might've got.
Anyway I received several positive response for my request and thank you very much, especially to: Phil Alderslade, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Dr. Bert Hoeksema and Dr. Jeffrey K.Y. Low

Regards from the sunny Bengkulu Province 
Bayu ludvianto
Dept.of Biology
The University of Bengkulu
Bengkulu, Indonesia.
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