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Dear Coral Listers,
At a recent conference of the Center for Marine Conservation, I learned of
the Bahamas National Trust's fight against pot fishing within coastal
waters.  This method of fishing involves throwing a non-bouyed fish pot off
a boat and GPS marking the spot.  Upon return to the GPS site, a hook type
device is used to rake the ocean floor for pots causing untold reef damage.
The BNT is fighting powerful off-shore money as non-Bahamians can come in
and start fishing businesses with little local ownership.  I was asked to
send a letter to the local Bahamian newspapers highlighting some of the
dangers, which I gladly did.

As many of you are aware, Bermuda banned pot fishing 8 years ago.
Initially there was tremedous controversy, but the results have been well
worth the fight.  Our fish stocks are definately on the mend and public
awareness has increased tremendously.

If anyone would like to support this initiative, can relay more details, or
cares to correct me, kindly do so directly at kbb at

Vanese Flood

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