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Wed Jan 7 07:46:24 EST 1998

Dear Esteemed Coral-Listers,

	Sorry for the extra bandwidth, but I think it is necessary at this
juncture to remind but a few of the subscribers to coral-list of
appropriate subjects for posting.  This list is primarily for coral reef
researchers and others engaged in furthering the knowledge and protection
of coral reef ecosystems.  It is NOT meant to be a vehicle for personal or
commercial advertisements or aggrandizement, and you can no longer post to
this list if you are not a member.  (Membership is now a little more
restricted, too, since spammers seem to have been attacking the list of

	Moderating the list is a double-edged sword.  I don't want to
stifle freedom of speech, but I don't want to burden others with what I
think most of us consider as subjects unsuitable for this list. Sometimes
I may goof and post something which might be considered improper or at
least in the gray area, and I hope you'll bear with me, but let me know if
you feel it is improper.  If you attempt to post a message, but it doesn't
come through in a day or two (it may not make it out right away if you try
to post it on a weekend), and you feel it is definitely something that is
appropriate, please let me know and I may see the light.

	Although there are additional suitable subjects of discussion,
here are the more common ones:

	o  bleaching or spawning events
	o  outbreaks of coral diseases
	o  high predation on coral reefs
	o  environmental monitoring sites
	o  shipwrecks on reefs
	o  international meetings and symposia
	o  funding opportunities
	o  marine sanctuary news
	o  new coral-related publications or abstracts from them
	o  announcements of college courses in coral reef ecology
	o  coral health initiatives
	o  new and historical data availability
	o  controversial topics in coral reef ecology
	o  recent reports on coral research

	I'm open to suggestions and differing viewpoints, so let me have
them if you feel so inclined.

	Take care,

	coral-list administrator

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