Bleaching/Galapagos SST: In-situ vs AVHRR (fwd)

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Wed Jan 7 14:00:57 EST 1998

To Whom it may concern --

The Information hiway works!!

Jerry Wellington has just confirmed our AVHRR SSTs as bleaching has
apparently begun in the Galapagos over that's why they
call it El Nino!  Seems like AVHRR is right on the money...see below.


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Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 12:11:29 -0600
From: Jerry Wellington <wellington at UH.EDU>
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Subject: Re: Galapagos

Just got the SST data for Academy Bay in Galapagos for the month of
December;  On Dec 18 it was 27.3, then on 19th 28.1, by 23rd it was 28.5,
on the 31st  28.3.  Sounds like the satellite data and local therometer
data agree well.

Cheers,  Jerry

At 11:48 AM 1/7/98 -0500, you wrote:

>I have just been checking the satellite SST coutour analysis for the
>eastern tropical Pacific.  It appears that SSTs around the Galapagos went
>from just shy of 28C for the interval Dec 13-16 to....nearly 28.5C during
>the interval Dec 20-23!  This impressive jump at the critical threshold
>temp of approx 28C may have been what gave Eric his 'first hand' glimpse
>of bleaching from this El Nino.  Now: Jan 3-6 is up at the NESDIS WebSite
>and temps are almost up to 29C! -- ouch!  I also see that down the
>coastline off Peru temps have risen nearly 1 deg C since Dec 13-16...
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