Moderated List: Good News, Bad News

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Thu Jan 8 11:46:43 EST 1998

The Good News

(1)  I have discovered how most spammers have been getting through,
	and have corrected the situation (I hope).

(2)  Subscribing and unsubscribing requests no longer have to be
	approved, because of item (1) above.

(3)  Since the whole reason behind moderating the list was to
	stop or reduce spamming, I can re-open the list to
	unrestriced postings by members of coral-list.

(4)  We will again see great news concerning coral reef research
	in a timely (almost immediate) fashion

(5)  My choice of what is "appropriate" won't suppress freedom
	of speech.

The Bad News

(1)  Because the list will no longer be moderated, you will continue
	to see occasional irksome messages posted directly to

	a)  "Please (un)subscribe me to coral-list..."

		[Send to majordomo at instead]

	b)  "Hi, my name is Zeke, and I need a job/degreee/loan..."

		[Sometimes coral-list is a proper forum, but not
		usually.  Please consider your messages carefully.]

	c)  "Could everybody please research the literature
		on coral X for me, then send me everything ever
		written on the subject?  Oh, and make it snappy,
		will ya'?"

		[These messages might be appropriate for folks
		who are far removed from good library sources,
		so we should bear with them.]

(2)  Spammers can subscribe, post their junk, then unsubscribe, but
	at least under the new configuration I'll be able to
	see who they are (usually), and I can alert their Systems
	Administrator.  This usually means they'll be kicked off
	their system, as well as coral-list.

(3)  Under the new configuration, if messages to you bounce, you
	may be put on a "bounces" mailing list.  Messages will
	be sent to you from this list, until they get through.
	At that time, you will have to unsubscribe from bounces
	and resubscribe to coral-list.  Because of this,
	**PLEASE** try to remember to unsubscribe from the list
	under your old email address, then resubscribe under
	the new email address.  Also, if you anticipate a
	reconfiguration of your domain name (e.g.,
	vs., you may want to let me


I hope this will be acceptable to everybody.  I will now post
some messages that were formerly in the queue for "acceptance"
by the moderator.


	coral-list administrator

"You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself..."

              -- From a classic American song by Ricky Nelsen --

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