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Tue Jan 13 10:05:34 EST 1998

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Subject: Tropical Field Stations

Dear Coral List Members,

I have recently compiled a list of Tropical Marine Field Stations from
around the world.  I have also included organisations that have provided
logistical support in areas without research stations.  Please note that
this assistance is usually provided only through collaboration with existing
scientific staff or managers.

Many members on the coral-list have provided me with information about the
location of field stations and to each and everyone of you I would like to
extend a huge thank-you. Additional information was obtained from the
reference: Eldredge, L.G.  1989 Coral Reef Research Facilities of the World.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, and by
scanning recent publications and the web. For anyone who may be interested I
attached the list to this message (Resstat1.doc).  This list is by no means
complete and may contain errors so I welcome any comments and corrections.
Again, please address these to me personally: Vicki.Hall at

Best Wishes

Vicki Hall
Department of Marine Biology
James Cook University
Townsville  Qld 4811

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