coralist: Ship grounding in Mexico

Douglas Fenner DFenner at
Wed Jan 14 16:30:57 EST 1998

On December 17th the cruise ship  "Leeward" of the Norwegian Cruise Line
 from Miami hit the reef called "Cuevones" located on Mujeres Bay, right
across from Cancun in Quintana Roo, Mexico, damaging the reef along a strip
75 meters long and 6.30 meters wide, according to Mexican Environmental
 We are wondering what's going to happen now, are the authorities going to
 fine the cruise line?  What is a reef's value?  I remember some time ago
 a ship damaged a reef in Florida and the US government some how estimated
 cost of the damage done.  Have you any information on this or similar ship
damage and legal actions?  If you have it can you send it to me?  Thank you
very much for this. Best wishes for next year and good health, Jose

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