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Dear Hector,

	As most coral-listers are aware, there are many viewpoints and
many literature sources on the phenomenon of coral bleaching.  A quick
look at the Literature Abstracts section of the CHAMP Home Page
( will gain you some familiarity with the
subject.  Below are some titles from the "Bleaching" section, but a
further perusal of that page will reveal other related topics (e.g.,
"Climate and Weather Changes Affecting Coral Reefs," and "El Nino Related
Damage").  Incidentally, our esteemed Librarian, Linda Pikula, will soon
be updating the Liberature Abstracts page with a fairly comprehensive
survey of the literature for 1996 and 1997.


         Bacterial infection and coral bleaching. [1996]

         Bacterial Ecology of Selected Corals Following the 1994 South
Central Pacific Bleaching Event. [1995]

         Bacteria Associated with Bleached and Nonbleached areas of
Monastrea annularis. [1993]

         Applying MCSST to coral reef bleaching

	Coral Bleaching Threatens Ocean, Life

	Lingering Effects of the 1987 Mass Bleaching of Puerto Rican
Coral Reefs in Mid to Late 1988. [1991]

         Elevated Temperatures and Bleaching on a High Latitude Coral
Reef: The 1988 Bermuda Event. [1990]

         The 1982-1983 El Nino: Impact of Eastern Pacific Reef Carbonate
Budgets and Implications for Severe Bleaching Disturbances--published. [1992]

         Recovery of the Coral Montastrea Annularis in the Florida Keys
after the 1987 Caribbean "Bleaching Event". [1993]

         Seawater Temperature and Sublethal Coral Bleaching in Jamaica.[1990]

         Coral Reef Bleaching: Ecological Perspectives. [1993]

         Coral reef bleaching in the 1980s and possible connections with
global warming. [1991]

         Reduced Growth Rate of Montastrea Annularis Following the
1987-1988 Coral-Bleaching Event. [1990]

         Remote Detection of Coral "Bleaching" Using Pulsed-Laser
Fluorescence Spectroscopy. [1992]

         Changes in Pigmentation Associated with the Bleaching of Stony
Corals. [1989]

         Bleaching in Reef Corals: Physiological and Stable Isotopic
Responses. [1989]

         Naturally Occurring and Laboratory Induced Bleaching in Two
Caribbean Coral Species. [1991]

         The Effects of Prolonged "Bleaching" on the Tissue Biomass and
Reproduction of the Reef Coral Montastrea Annularis. [1990]

         Response of Sponges with Autotrophic Endosymbionts During the
Coral-Bleaching Episode in Puerto Rico. [1990]

         Mechanisms of Bleaching of Zooxanthellate Symbioses. [1991]

         Bleaching of Caribbean Coral Reef Symbionts in
1987-1988--published. [1988]

         The World-Wide Coral Reef Bleaching Cycle and Related Sources of
Coral Mortality. [1990]

         Bleaching of Reef Organisms in the Santa Marta Region, Colombia:
1987 Caribbean-Wide Event. [1987]


	Hope this helps.

	Jim Hendee

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