Kidney Hoax

Mark Eakin eakin at
Thu Jan 22 10:32:20 EST 1998

        Reply to:   Kidney Hoax

Aren't these scams wonderful.  First it was "Good Times" and its related e-mail virus hoaxes.  Then it was the hoax about the American Cancer Society and little Jessica Mydek.  Now it is hoaxes about kidney thieves run amok.  This one isn't even new!

Let's not turn our e-mail capabilities into an uninvited copy of the National Enquirer.  Please, think before you press that send or forward button.  If you do not know something is fact, don't send it on.  Most importantly, let's keep the messages appropriate to the forum.  I do not subscribe to coral-list to receive hoxes about kidney thieves.

If you don't believe me that it's a hoax, try the following sources:
      - 11/20/97, even cites the disclaimer by the Daily Texan


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