E. Africa floods effect on reefs?

K.H. von Kaufmann kenn at mail.bogo.co.uk
Sun Jan 25 17:04:29 EST 1998

Dear Coral-list,

Firstly I have just joined the list so apologies if you have covered this

Over the past few months there have been exceptional rains in East Africa,
in particular Northern Kenya and Southern Somalia.  There is much land
clearance and soil erosion upcountry, and even normally the rivers such as
the Tana and Juba are now thick with silt.  I am sure this must be having
an effect on the reefs of the entire coast, from Tanzania to Somalia. I am
sure the sea must be visibly brown from space. Does anybody know of anyone
monitoring this (I will post this to the UNEP Infoterra list as well)?
Anywhere I might find examples of this in the past and other regions?  I
will pass on what I find to those who are interested.


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