1998 Western Marine Conference

Barry Hatton bhatton at alphalogic.com
Fri Jan 30 00:02:44 EST 1998

The 1998 Western Marine Conference, hosted by the Puget Sound Aquarium
Society, will be held on April 3-5, 1998 in Seattle, WA.

Speakers include :

Craig Bingman - Chemistry in the Reef Aquarium
Bruce Carlson - Why Some Animals are "Impossible" and Will That Always Be True?
Charles Delbeek - Keeping Non-Photosynthetic Corals Such as Gorgonians and
Paul Hough - Captive Breeding of Great Barrier Reef Corals
Scott Michael - Invertebrate-Friendly Fish
Martin Moe - Breakthroughs in Rearing Tropical Marine Fish
Alf Nilsen - Reef Hobby Overview - History and Status
Dana Riddle - Coral Pigmentation
Ron Shimek - The Message of Morphology - The Reef Aquarium as an Ecosystem
Julian Sprung - Mangroves

Visit the conference website at http://www.pnweb.com/psas/wmc98 for
information on schedule, speakers, venue, and more. Online registration is
available for attendees and vendors. 

Information can also available be obtained by calling (888)751-WMC1 or by
sending email to wmc98 at pnweb.com.

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