Thank's for The Artificial Reef

Coremap BAPPEDA Tk.I Riau crmpriau at
Wed Jul 1 06:47:16 EDT 1998

Dear Dr, Collins

I have received your Artificial Reef Litteratur at July 1, 1998. I am very
happy and greatfull of your kindness and attentions.

In fact there are some positives (support) and negatives (avoid) our plan to
sink 1,200 tyres (39 pyramides/tetrahedron) in to the sea. But from your
article and e-mail we had big motivation and confident to continue this
project. We hope You will give us suggestions and guidance.

For the second, from your paper refferences I need some informations about
spiny lobster (Panulirus sp), please let me know where I can get it.

Please help if we were wrong to decide this.

Keep in touch

Best regards,

Fadil Nandila
Coremap Bappeda Tk I Riau
crmpriau at

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