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Here is what the latest header looks like for the most recent
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Subject: coral-list-digest V1 #23

coral-list-digest          Wednesday, 1 July 1998       Volume 01 : Number 023

In this issue:

		Coral demise
		Reefs at Risk.
		Re: Reefs at Risk.
		Reefs at Risk
		Re: Reefs at Risk.
		Re: Reefs at Risk
		Qatar reefs
		Re: Reefs at Risk--nutrients
		Bill Precht's reply
		Re:Reefs at Risk.
		Re: Reefs at Risk
		RE: Bill Precht's reply
		RE: Reefs at Risk.
		RE: Reefs at Risk
		threats to tropical coastal environment
		spiny lobster reference
		Thank's for The Artificial Reef


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