tyre reef wrong ?

Michael Risk riskmj at mcmail.cis.mcmaster.ca
Mon Jul 6 11:27:52 EDT 1998

Much to my dismay, it appears that my message to the Riau COREMAP Team
(copied to Peter King, ADB, and Dr. G. Llewellyn, Resident Advisor of our
Indonesia Project) regarding the use of discarded tires for making
artificial reefs has been inadvertently posted to the general Coral-List.
Perhaps the Administration at my university is right, and I should retire
on the grounds of general infirmity and stupidity.

I apologise to subscribers to the List, for burdening them with yet
another trivial matter. I especially regret any embarrassment I have
caused to Tom Tomascik, a man of boundless energy and impeccable
professional credentials, and one who would never knowingly offend others.
The message was my doing only

I remain firm in my original opinion, however, that tires are an
unsuitable material for constructing reefs. Those who would advocate their
use in coral reef habitats can only be doing so out of ignorance of the
basic research in this area, or from some other agenda.

Mike Risk

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