Censusing of reef invertebrates

Ben Richards brichards at hampshire.edu
Tue Jul 14 11:47:25 EDT 1998

Dear coral-listers -
	Does anyone have information or references for books or papers
discussing surveying techniques for coral reef invertebrate species?  I am
a research assistant who has among his other tasks,  part of the
development of a rapid assessment protocol for a suite of heavily collected
reef invertebrate species (see species list).  Methods currently under
consideration are random belt transects (per AGRA protocols), timed roving
diver surveys, and stationary visual transects.  I have been unable to find
references to methods used specifically for the surveying of reef
invertebrates (there is much on fishes) in the books I have hear.  Any
information you can give would be most appreciated.  The preliminary
species list is as follows:

Giant anemone, Condylactis, gigantea
Sea biscut,
Basket star, Astrophyton spp.
Brittle stars, Ophiocoma spp.
Banded coral shrimp, Stenopus hispidus
Coralimorphs, Discosoma spp.
Cyphomae snail, Cyphomae gibbosum
Tulip snail, Fasciolaria tulipa

Benjamin Richards
Research Assistant
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
http://hampshire.edu/~blrF94/index.html    email: brichards at ocean.nos.noaa.gov

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