Searching for Jan Henning Steffen

Nicole Horsman nhorsman at
Sat Jul 18 16:43:59 EDT 1998

Dear coral-listers,

I am desperately trying to contact Jan Henning Steffen who was working on
the Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Project in Sumatra, Indonesia in

Last I heard, he was based in the Bung Hatta University, Fakultas
Perikanan, Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia up till October 1997.  After that I
think he returned to Germany for a short time but was expected back in
Jakarta to take up a position with the Biodiversity Foundation late 1997
early 1998.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows of his current location
and contact details.  Please use the coral-list address if responding
before the end of July.  If after July, please mail me personally at the
address below.

Thank you
Nichole Horsman
<turan at>

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