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Mon Jul 20 20:40:42 EDT 1998

My apologies for my vagueness in my last posting.  I was posting looking for
research assistant positions, or assisting professors studying Coral Reef
Ecology and problems on Reefs.  I hold a BA in Biology from Oberlin College in
Ohio, and have been actively volunteering for a little over a year now at
several places in the United States.  I also have done several months of
research during summers in Coral Reef Managemeny, namely on bleaching effects,
reproduction, and growth. At this point, I am looking for a paying "job" in
the field, or to further my studies in Grad work.  As I asked in my previous
posting, is there anyone who needs a knowledgable assistant to assist in Coral
Reef Research.  Appreciation to those that did answer, but I realize that i
needed to be more specific, so i am reposting.  
Please Contact me with any information at 'Maikea at'
Thank You
Chad Treatman

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