Dynamite fishing in Philippines

Ana Marie Alcantara hapalcan at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 21 17:09:55 EDT 1998

Dear Sir/Madam:

We are a beach resort owner in the Philippines and we have a problem
with local community. They had been using dynamites for fishing and as
well as throw waste around the seashore. We tried to educate them (since
most of them are uneducated) with the consequences of dynamite fishing
and as well as gave them free toilet bowls for them to poop but
nevertheless they don't care. We tried so hard to help them improve
their lifestyle but couldn't figure out on how to tickle these people.
Do you have any suggestions on how will we prevent these people on using
these dynamites and reducing waste around our community? We need public
support and we cannot improve our  market in our resort if they don't
help us. I am very much aware of what is happening to our environment
now and concerned with the coral reefs. I want to prevent the coral reef
of an island near our resort too. Is there any group of people in the
Philippines who cares for the environment (coral reefs in general)?

Thank you very much.

Ana Marie Alcantara

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